Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'm Back!!!!

Well I guess I went through a bit of writer's block with the blog. I could easily write about the joys of being with child but I just have not felt inclined to do so. Hopefully I've been bitten by the writer's bug!!!!

In the world of all things baby...B and I found out we are having a GIRL! We are so excited! Now, we just have to decide on a name. WOW! I never thought it could be quite so difficult to pick out a name. We definitely have a front runner so we shall see!

I would just like to say that even though maternity pants are WONDERFUL some of the tops are most definitely not! I happen to be a plus size girl so that makes finding maternity clothes that much more fun! A couple of weeks ago Columbia had their annual tot trade. My mom and went and were totally bombarded with all things baby. It was quite overwhelming and we tried very hard to keep our chins from hitting the ground until we found the maternity section. we hit the jackpot finding more plus size maternity clothes. Not really my style but they were my size!!!!

One thing that has left me pondering is why in the world do they make maternity clothes have all sorts of crazy prints of them? It seems that the print of choice is flowers. Don't get me wrong I love a flower but I do not want my clothes to be covered with hundreds of them! Nonetheless, when you see my wearing the two shirts I have with the lovely prints on them just know that I think they are as hideous as you do but unfortunately you will have to see them until February.

This weekend I have a wedding to attend. I almost felt as though some stores thoght that pregnant plus size woman should not attend weddings because i could not find a dress or anything dressy enough until I stumbles upon Motherhood Maternity where I found this dress. I was so excited...I even found some purple shoes to match! Watch out Charleston here I come prego and all!!!!!!