Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Clothes War

This weekend I was home alone. It just so happened that I had to be on-call with work the same weekend as the Catoe Beach Weekend. So, B headed up to North Myrtle Beach this and I was on my own with the animals. I must give B credit he did make arrangements for me to have book 3 of the Twilight series. I was delighted!

After reading half (okay most of the book) I decided that it was time to do the BIG SWAP. Switch out my winter clothes for summer clothes. While switching out my clothes I began to notice something peculiar about the closets in the Catoe Cabana. They were filled with mostly B's clothes! WHAT?!?!?!?! This is not okay......something must be done. I tried to go through his clothes and pick out some that he has not worn in a while and put them in the give away pile. But then guilt washed over me that I might get rid of one of his favorite shirts so I went through my clothes and was done with it.

So the clothes war is on!!!! When B got home I told her that he could not bring any more clothes into the Catoe Cabana until some of his current clothes found another residence. He tried to state that he does not buy these clothes. I would not be detoured and held my ground.

NOW....it's time to go shopping for me some clothes! YAY!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And then Twilight Happened.....

Well friends...I have become one of the many twilight followers. I picked up Twilight two weeks ago from my beloved library (cough cough) and could not put it down. Once I finished it I went on a search for the 2nd book New Moon. Of course it was not in at the library so I put in a request for it and was 5th in line. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? 5th? Is it really that popular? After waiting patiently for 3 days I decided to take matters into my own hands. On my lunch break I braved the town of Camden and went to Wal-Mart. Surely of all places Wal-Mart would have my new obsession. WRONG.......... no New Moon. I came back from lunch defeated. Stupid vampires got me hooked and then I could not finish what I had started.

The next day somehow I got ready for work with time to spare. This just goes to show that there is a first time to everything. I decided with my extra minutes that I would try K-Mart to see if they had New Moon. I drive up to K-Mart and they have just opened. My adrenaline starts pumping...I just knew they would have my beloved book. As I walk in I figure out very quickly that I am the only customer in the store. This does not matter because I am on a mission. I make it to the book section and begin my scan. Nothing......but then separated from all of other books is one book by itself (can't make this stuff up) I take a closer look and lo' and behold it is NEW MOON!!!! It was almost as if God himself put that book right there just for me! I grabbed it up and all put skipped to the cash register. Of course there was no one there so I had to go to the service desk but no matter I had my book! YAY!!!! Off to work I go!!!!!!

Saturday comes and I am flying through my new book. I obviously can't put it down but make myself so that B and I can cut the grass and then go to help the youth with a car wash. We ended up making it just in time. They were finishing the last car when we pulled up. How is that for good timing? Next was grocery shopping. Little did B know that I had a secret plan. We were going to rent Twilight from the red box and since I was so close to finishing the 2nd book in the series I was going to buy the 3rd book.

Once at wal-Mart we go to the red-box. There was a woman in front of us who was obviously having a hard time with good 'ole red (UGH!). So, B being the gentleman that he is offered to help. Stupid lady did not understand that if the movie does not show up on the monitor then the red-box does not have it in. UGH! She then states that she would just get Twilight instead for her daughter. WHAT?!?!?!?! You cannot get Twilight....because if you do then I will not be able to!!!!! Bryan looks back at me (I am sure with a smirk on his face) but I cannot look at him because I'm irritated! then the lady tries to call her daughter to see if she has seen Twilight. What is this woman thinking? This is not "Who wants to be a millionaire" and you can to phone a friend. This is simply the red-box where you can check out a movie for a $1. MOVE ALONG LADY! Well of course she cannot get in touch with her daughter and ultimately leaves. I finally get to move up to the box say a quick prayer and get my movie. On the wal-mart shopping. We get through Wal-mart with no other problems/dilemmas/dramas. Eclipse is there (WHOO HOO) so we leave....side note: I saved $11.25 by using coupons on this trip. It is definitely a personal best!

Once we get home we are fixing to go to eat with friends...I'm reading a bit in New Moon (surprise) when B disturbs my reading by stating that I got the wrong thing. I come out of the bedroom with New Moon in my hand. He has Eclipse in his hand. Conversation as follows:

B: "You got the wrong thing."

E: "NO...I didn't! This is New Moon that is Eclipse. Eclipse comes after New Moon."

B: hands over the book "See"

E: takes book looks at cover closely " Well S*&%!!!!!"

It didn't take long to realize that I had gotten the 3rd book in the series translated in Spanish. UGH!!!!! I was so mad. B was mad as well kicking himself wishing he had not said anything until I was finished reading New Moon and found out on my own. It was a sad day at the Catoe Cabana.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I have decided to hold nothing back!

I haven't been writing much in my blog lately because:

1. Started reading Twilight- Stupid vampires. I have now finished and am waiting on the 2nd book to become available at the library. Please note that I have returned book one in a timely fashion in order to accrue no late fees.

2. One of my best friends, Emmylou got married. Check facebook to see pictures. The wedding was great. Sorry you have to see pictures on facebook but I am a slacker and do not take my camera with me. I am trying to work on this to I can document with pictures as well as words on the good 'ole blog.

Also, one thing that have gotten in my way is not knowing what to write. I would like to say that I live a pretty exciting life but sometimes I feel that it might not be as interesting to you as it is to me. But then it occurred to me today that it doesn't matter if you do not like it because this is my blog and if you get bored you can simply stop reading (but I really wish you wouldn't).....SO that being said.....I have decided to hold nothing back and write about my life as it happens and will not censor anymore (I apologize in advance). So here goes world........

Ready or not here I come.......................