Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just Call me Buddah!

Greetings All! Well we are officially 25 weeks down and Lord knows how many to go. Things are going great! Baby Catoe is growing and growing so you know what that means (my belly is growing as well). People are really funny when it comes to a pregnant belly. I have broken it down into the following categories:

1. Belly Rubbers: Obviously most people do fall into this group. Apparently there is an unwritten rule somewhere that states it is okay to go and rub strangers bellies. I am unsure if they think that a genie is going to come out of my belly but I can assure you that I am not going to grant them 3 wishes.

2. Belly Pokers: They just prefer not to rub but poke. I don't know if they are scared of the belly of what. But it is almost as if they believe your ever expansive belly is not real. Then of course by poking the belly it will deflate.

3. Belly Talkers- Some people feel the need to talk to the belly sometimes. Not to say that I do not talk to the belly myself but I do find it humorous when I walk down the hall and people stop me just to talk to my belly (not me the belly). I am sure Baby Catoe will be anxious to meet each of these individuals once she is born.

4. Belly Stares- Most men usually fall into this group. I guess if you really think about it I'm not sure if they are staring at the belly or the boobs (probably both). It's crazy that you can be talking to someone and how often their eyes drift down to the belly. I usually ignore the urge to begin snapping my fingers beside my face to attract their attention back to my face.

Just thought I would share with you my thoughts. I truthfully do not mind when people rub, poke, talk or stare at my belly. I have a feeling that Baby Catoe is enjoying the attention! However, if I do not know you please do keep your distance.

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