Monday, November 30, 2009

Of all things......

Well....time is flying and is less than 2 1/2 months "Baby Rachel" will be here! Ready or not! Here's a quick update of my life at the Catoe Cabana.

THE Shingles.......I have THE Shingles.......SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?! Who gets THE shingles??? Especially when they are with child???? Apparently Me!
About two weeks ago I notice a rash on my ever growing belly. I talked to my mom about it and her reply was "Oh I had that too! Just mix water and cornstarch together and put that on it and it will go away." Has anyone ever really tried to mix cornstarch with water??? For those of you who have makes a glue like consistency. Let me just tell you after two tries of this B had entirely too much fun getting it everywhere I just decided I would wait until my dr. appointment the following week. So, off to the doctor I go! Everything is looking good and then I show the doctor my rash and he immediately says it's THE Shingles. I think to myself this man has lost his mind as he states he is going to send me to a dermatologist for confirmation.
So, the next day I head to the dermatologist. The doctor takes one looks at my belly immediately states that its THE shingles and proceeds to bring in 3 other doctors just to take a look at it. Guess what...they say its THE shingles too! After they assure me they can treat this without it effecting the child i begin to wonder how in the world I got the "old people's disease"? I am currently waiting for an answer.

I end with a conversation i had with a co-worker this morning:

Me: Good Morning!

Co-Worker: Hey!!! WOW...look at your belly! It's growing. It looks like you ate a whole bird of the holidays!

ME: (smiles) HAHAHA! (Thinking to myself- "lady if you do not get out of my face I'm going to shoot you the bird and its not turkey)!!!!!!


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