Monday, August 2, 2010

Office Etiquette

At work I must admit I'm very luckily to have my own office. I do realize that some people work in cubicles and honestly I do not think I could survive working in a cubicle. Our office building mainly consists of a long hall with offices of either side of the hallway. Mine is located at the end of such hall and conveniently located across from the break room which is right next door to the two bathrooms on our floor. Maybe a cubicle wouldn't be so bad after all.

Being across from the break room does have its moments. All the advantages seem to escape me at the present time, though. I am thinking about making list of appropriate things that can be microwaved and taping it to the door. The top two would be fish (given) and popcorn. The funny thing about popcorn is that it is a lose/lose situation. First off if you are one of the only two people in the office that can pop popcorn appropriately it smells heavenly. There's nothing worse than smelling something that you cannot have. It messes with my emotions and makes my tummy rumble! On the flip side to that (which is most likely the case) you burn the popcorn thus making my office smell for the rest of the day like burned popcorn. More likely than not the perpetrator in this crime either works on a different floor and far away from the smell it does not effect them.

The moral of this story.......Just don't pop popcorn at work and everyone will be happy.

I will not take on the issues I have with the bathroom at this time. Thank you for listening!

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